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Fred built Sydney as a robot companion, but his job required him to build the world's most sophisticated artificial intelligence for the department of defense. Somehow, Fred got them mixed up, and signed on to a vacation that few could hope for. Sydney could appear as anything to anyone, but chose to take Fred's place at work. Fred didn't mind and nobody else had to know.

My paper, Film Theory and Chatbots was published in the International Journal of Synthetic Emotions, Volume 5, Issue 1.

Robby Garner and JFRED participated in the Royal Society Turing Test Event held in London on June 7th, as one of the 5 competitors invited last year. Read more in the Turing2014 Blog

The Turing Hub experiment has run its course. I'll be writing a paper about it soon to discuss some of our observations, as well as detailing the inner workings, and some stories about running it for nearly 10 years.

IMS is still studying conversational software and "understanding systems." We still have some bots you can talk to here at FluxOersted.com - see "Games."

One of the things we saw with the Turing Hub is that people's opinions about their chat experience fell into a stable curve that is a characteristic of the consistency of the chatbot, and the natural distribution of the people who visited the site.

New developments make this a good time to stop the experiment and look at the results. I'll be posting more about this later.

New in Music:

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I really liked [this music]. It's a rather strange brand of synth pop, with industrial and rock overtones. And everything just sort of bubbles over with quirkiness. There's a whole lot of stuff here and it reminds of a few past hometapers like John January, John Book and others who share a sense of offbeat musical exploration while producing recordings that are a joy to hear. -- Bryan Baker, Gajoob

Several of the songs on Fabric and Dreams remind me of what I like about this style of music which is the creativity behind it. There are also many sci-fi overtones that, as an avid sci-fi buff, I appreciate in music. But back to the creativity aspect... I love that each song on this album is different enough from each other to be different. I'm not Depressed is fantastic... the lyrics are hilarious and I wasn't expecting a bongo/congo sound to be so prominent - that was a neat touch and why this music is so fascinating. -- iTunes customer.

Re: The Visitor: This album has a mix of synthpop and industrial electronic music. Some of it reminds me of synthesizer bands from the late 1970's, while other songs are more classical in style. The atmospheric and classical songs are balanced by the sort of Post-Punk Timothy Leary's Dead, and Out The Window. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next from this band. -- Amazon.com customer

i just wanted to say that i just found you on bandcamp and i really enjoy your music!!! wanted to ask if there is more of this good tracks planned to be released in future? :) greetings and love sent from the UK, -- Bandcamp Listener

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