On Intelligence

What's all this falderal about intelligence anyway? Does anybody even know what it is?

When we ask about measuring human intelligence, we are directed to the Intelligence Quotient or IQ. Close your eyes and think about the kind of intelligence that human beings possess.  Do you see just one scalar value to measure it all?  I think the IQ is an accurate measurement of how well one can take an IQ test.  I don't know what intelligence is. I look it up in the dictionary and it says something about a capacity or an ability to do something.  There are some traits we have that are considered intelligent. Otherwise it is a behavior and we are just acting intelligently.  Hey! No tricks allowed.  If we were just acting in a way that indicated intelligence, then that would be totally fake.

If the most perfect android existed today, and was indistinguishable from a human being, would it be human? or a trick?

If I name my pet rock Plato, and build a little house for him, claim to have taught him several tricks as listed in the little book that came with him, wrote him into my will, yet pluto always just lies there, all my efforts to anthropomorphize him will not keep him as human. It will always be a joke to anthropomorphize Plato.  If only Plato could act more human, then my illusion could be complete.

When we say "trick" does that mean cheating? Who is being cheated? Similar melody, "that chatterbot made a fool of me. I could have sworn it was *real*," and then the demented guy says, "do we care?"