We’re in the building where they make us grow

23rd Century Technology
CyberMecha builds handheld toys with lots of switches, sounds, and laser beams.

Robby grew up in a TV repair shop, and later a Radio Shack dealership. It prepared him to wait 60 years before he really got started designing and building toys that adults may collect, and everyone will play with. Our circuits are built much the same way we program chatbots. One step at a time.

It remains to be seen how many of these items CyberMecha can produce. We have some variety of IC chips that we can use, and lots of LED’s. We are currently looking for a suitable speaker that can handle about 3 watts. I’ve got one test speaker that I removed from a device I found in a drawer here. I bought 2 speakers, not realizing how tiny they are. Still looking for the right one. I should have enough parts now to build more prototypes, and then solder them together onto a permanent circuit board. The circuit boards are supposed to get here Sunday. I’ve got one that is the right size that I’ve started soldering parts onto. The boxes are pretty cool, but seeing the circuitry involved in also fascinating. If Lexan wasn’t so hard to cut, I’d make the faceplate clear like a window.

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