Started a song today that has the full spectrum of my instrumentation. I didn’t plan it that way, but it turned into a piece that has virtual instruments combined with ROMplers and the Maniak synthesizer. But the Juno 60 is heavier than I remembered. I don’t think I can carry it any more. These days… Continue reading Serendipity

BirkenStout Interview with Robby Garner, digital artist and AI researcher

Anecdotal evidence that Elvis is not dead. It is 2023 and only Robby Garner, Jeff Fletcher, and possibly Sean McCormick are the remaining survivors of Uno Ya, and their premier album, Youth In Asia. BS: Robby, how does Uno Ya relate to other bands that play some of the same music like Flux Oersted, and… Continue reading BirkenStout Interview with Robby Garner, digital artist and AI researcher

Studio Logic and Reasons

The virtual world is where I’ll stay. I tried working with the sort of technology from the 1990’s. I used some rare earth equipment from E-Mu Systems, FM synths, and a Roland D-110. I’m trying now to get everything from inside the computer, truly in the digital domain. I may have recoiled at the first… Continue reading Studio Logic and Reasons

Goodnight Vienna

Ringo Star as himself, acting naturally as the day the earth stood still.Reason Studios, the makers of Reason DAW, have a challenge developing in both Windows and Mac OS X on Apple Silicone. So there’s 2 kinds of people in the world. Those who split everyone into one of two groups, and those who don’t.… Continue reading Goodnight Vienna

Reason on Windows

Reason always seems like some place that helps to create things. It is a cartoon world with a peak at the real world. It’s fun but I have taken a long time to really move my whole audio in there. I know The Prodigy did an album on there about 8 revisions ago. It does… Continue reading Reason on Windows