Goodnight Vienna

Ringo Star as himself, acting naturally as the day the earth stood still.
Reason Studios, the makers of Reason DAW, have a challenge developing in both Windows and Mac OS X on Apple Silicone. So there’s 2 kinds of people in the world. Those who split everyone into one of two groups, and those who don’t.

But the plugins are going to be different between Windows and Mac OS X. Roland Cloud synths show up in windows as various forms of VST. On the Mac they show up only Juno 60 for now. It’s the only M1 native they have right now.

I used to think Reason was an efficient software, running fast on an old Powerbook G4. But now it has to run in Rosetta mode, so there’s this layer of slowness added to it. On the M1, there is enough processor speed to keep up with it. On the Dell XPS 13, it struggles with even one Roland Cloud synth. And that’s on Windows 11.

Logic Pro can do pretty much all the things that Reason can do. It’s just that Reason appeals to people who don’t really want to get that technical while writing or recording their music. And then there is Waveform 12 which also works in Linux. It is a good software, but seems to have evolved into what it has become. It is functional though to me seems visually busy. I have yet to find a task that it couldn’t do though.

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