BirkenStout Interview with Robby Garner, digital artist and AI researcher

Anecdotal evidence that Elvis is not dead.

It is 2023 and only Robby Garner, Jeff Fletcher, and possibly Sean McCormick are the remaining survivors of Uno Ya, and their premier album, Youth In Asia.

BS: Robby, how does Uno Ya relate to other bands that play some of the same music like Flux Oersted, and Heart Of Facts?

Robby: Sam wrote a lot while he and Tommy were first jamming and they had a guitarist back then. Missy Kirk was the main vocalist for Heart of Facts. The early bands were all sequencer bands. We played along with a computer device that made all of our equipment play itself while we played other instruments and made the complete song. We couldn’t play the same song without help from the computers.

BS: Do you find this limiting?

Robby: Playing with a live band like Uno Ya was very fluid, and after playing together we learned to read each other better and better. Jeff was a new kind of guitarist for us. He wrote his own music and was a good collaborator. Sean played a steady beat and Tommy was incredible on bass. Sam was the glue that held things together. I found ways to just riff on things the computer would do, and we learned to be about as expressive as a MIDI sequence could be. It was all very effective for that time. I think in modern era now it will be so commonplace; it would be like recording your grandparents playing a video game.

BS: Do you worry about getting old?

Robby: No. Time is nothing. It merely rearranges our memory.

BS: You’ve been releasing a lot of older music to Soundcloud. Is there a reason behind that?

Robby: We have a large catalog of original music. We want our Soundcloud profile to be a destination to find that music and the music of our new collaborators like Frank Fuller and David Hamill.

BS: So what’s on the horizon for Flux Oersted? Any live performances?

Robby: I’m going to start work on a new album pretty soon once I emerge as a butterfly and restore peace and clarity. We don’t have any plans to perform out, but have been wanting for some time to start doing a club show staring Flux Oersted as the lounge act. We’ll see.

BS: Thanks for everything,.

Robby: You’re welcome.


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