Searching for sounds lost

That sound you hear in your mind is how you should synthesize new voices on your synth. Learn the oscillators and filters for that subtractive synthesis sound you really want to capture. Oh, what about FM? Uh, that’s covered in another treatise by an Irishman whose name eludes me.

Today I’m finishing integrating the DX-21 back into my kit. I’m playing it from MIDI so it gets a port on the hub, along with the Akai MINIAK and then my whole rack on a 3rd port of the Midiface. I’ve got 2 other 4-Op FM synths in the rack, TX-81Z’s. There is a spot for the clarity they provide sometimes. Proteus has very bright vibrant samples, so I use those for piano or orchestral voices.

I’ve been experimenting with some guitar stomp boxes on the MINIAK. Chorus, Phaser, Distortion, and Delay making some pretty sick vibrations. That’s just one track. There’s about 10 virtual instruments plus the external MIDI rack and keyboards. I don’t have a working title for it. So I’ve started with this one noisy song in Logic, and then am working on another song in Reason that has two Dr. Rex drum loops and a modular synth arpeggiator playing along at one point

Time to rock out with the E-mu Systems UltraProteus Stereo Grand Piano!


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