The Narrow Road to the Deep North

With a nod to Basho, we head next to the Studio, where our friends Nemo and Viceroy are waiting for me. I started working on my current project last week so I guess it’s about a week into it now.

I’m at the stage where I’ve actually recorded everything probably that I’ll need. Now I’m towards the end of editing. I have one song that I have to go in and set the pitch values on some notes that were never nailed down. They just fit the tempo and beat. I have another song that needs a better ending. At present, it just stops and there are no niceties there.

Unfortunately, that only leaves me with 5 songs. These things take time. I’m also getting ready to do my own album soon I hope. I am asserting the belief that boredom is good for the psyche. So I’ve taken to spending more time away from the computers. You can see how well that seems to be working.

These are the voyages of the Mac Mini, Enterprise, her 20 year mission to be the only studio computer Robby can afford.

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